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At GeoGyaan, we are dedicated and committed to change the way people study the Earth Science and Engineering streams.

Why Choose Us

You will get everything here in a better and futuristic way. Forget textbooks and private tuitons.

Value Adds

These things will save your time and boost your performance

Practice with solutions

Solve questions with detailed solution to each option

Consolidated Study Material

Concise study material with associated question bank. Say no to textbooks

Strength and Weakness report

Get strength and weakness report Chapter wise. Know where you need improvement. 

All India Comparison report

 Know where you stand at all india level among your competitors (both section wise and Question type wise)

Exam Environment

Actual Online exam environment to prepare you for the D-day.

Time Waster

Lead to wastage of time and have negative impact on results

No test series experience

 If you don't practice few series, it will take more time to solve in exam hall

No virtual exam experience

Lack of experience of exam environment will put you under competitive disadvantage

Out of focus preparation

Not knowing which area to focus reduces the efficiency of your efforts.

Searching theory Notes

Making notes by refering volumes of books and internet is a wastage of time and energy.

Searching Questions

Searching volumes of books for questions is a waste of time 

Our Team

Scholars and Engineers

Arun Dhadi

Subject Matter Expert-Geology

 K.J.Somaiya Topper

Pooja Ghosh


Gold Medalist - IIT Dhanbad

Yudhistir Mohanta

Subject Matter Expert-Geology


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We together will make GeoGyaan a fun and innovative place to work. Please upload your resume for the following vacancies. Also send the same to info@geogyaan.com with a copy to puja.geol@gmail.com

We are currently looking for qualified individuals to join our team in the following areas:

Frequently Asked Questions

A Quick Way To Know

What is Geogyaan?

Geogyaan is the one stop solution for all your Earth Science related studies by IITians. You can clear any competitive entrance exam as well as your semester by making Geogyaan your study centre. We are providing previous years questions along with mock tests & subject wise questions as well. Theory related to each & every subject is being provided to make the preparation more easier for one.

Why to choose Geogyaan?

Preparing hand written notes, following the books to clear any entrance or college exam is time taking. Geogyaan is proving the platform to prepare & clearing any entrance exam without any wastage of time. 

Why to trust Geogyaan for preparation?

 Geogyaan is made by all the IIT alumni, who are experts in their own field. They can be the best guide to help the students to prepare or crack any entance or to do well in their college examinations as well.

What benefit one should get from Geogyaan?

If a student is preparing for any entrance & giving mock tests regularly, one will become habituated with the examination environment, will get to know his/her strength & weakness, so it will be easy to crack any exam.
Geogyaan is time saver. Students waste lots of time in search of answers in different books & websites as well. We are providing the platform where students can get all possible anwers of all the questions of each & every subject with proper explanations.
Geogyaan also contains subject section which can strenghten student's base on each & every subject. Student can also see their progression & degradation for any particular subject which can help them to focus on that.

What if I have to leave the test in between?

In case you want to leave the test in between you may close the test environment pop-up. one pop-up will come up showing a warning that "Do you want to leave this site - Changes you made may not be saved". Click 'leave' button to pause the test and leave the test environment
This will save your timings and answers till then and if you want to take the test again your time will start from the saved time. This test will be shown as "Pending test" on your dashboard.

What about the pop-up after I submit the test?

 After you submit the test, one pop-up will come up showing a warning that "Do you want to leave this site - Changes you made may not be saved". Don't worry. It is a normal windows expression. Click 'leave' button to submit the test

Students who are not preparing for entrance can get any benefit from Geogyaan?

 Yes, not only for entrance preparation Geogyaan also provides platform for the graduation & post graduation students as well. By regualrly following the subject section and the theory provided here they can get benefitted as well.

Does Geogyaan provide any upcoming exam information?

 Yes Geogyaan do provide all the notifications regarding all the upcoming entrance examinations, so that the students remain updated with all the information & prepare well for the upcoming.

How Subject section can help me?

 Subject section contain answers with explanations as well to strengthen students hold in each & every subject .

What is Resource Section?

 This is a free to all section where you can read blogs regarding career path and also you can get the info about all exams.

What is there in the Entrance Section?

 Entrance section will support you for preparation of competitive exams like JAM, GATE, NET. You may choose one exam or more than one depending on your requirements. Question strengths and types will vary with type of exam.

How a first year/2nd year student get the benefit of Geogyaan?

As our subject section covers theory and Question bank of all chapters, a 1st year student can buy only chapters of his/her curriculum and be the master of it. It would help crack the exam after the final year. Also it ensures better marks in semester exams.                         

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